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The Center for Social Computation brings together the intellectual capital of research universities, research labs, and the private sector to address difficult national and global problems. CSC pairs computational sophistication and domain expertise in political science, economics, and other relevant disciplines to produce nuanced interpretation of problem-specific data structured in large analytic databases. By doing so, CSC offers a unique window into the challenges of a complex world.

Insight to expand alternatives
Insight to expand the range of alternatives available to the world's decision makers
Calibrate events & actors
Calibrate the effects of unanticipated events & emerging actors
Economic & political risk measures
For private companies & public sector -- bespoke quantitative economic & political risk measures

experts from diverse disciplines

Ph.D.s in: Political Science | Math | Computer Science | Economics | Engineering | Statistics | Biology | Finance
multiple languages
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illuminating the world

CSC combines human expertise with algorithm-driven analysis of political and economic complexity. Exploiting stores of information harvested from open sources in multiple languages, CSC develops creative computational tools and innovative machine learning techniques to distill information from unstructured text. Multiple disciplinary traditions from across the social, physical, and biological sciences and technical fields shape the development of hard analysis questions as well as the interpretation of data. Inventive visualizations allow users to see the world in new ways, frame thoughtful explanations, and navigate difficult environments. Final analysis is presented in terms suitable for strategic decision makers.

Open source & proprietary data

Open Source
Corporate Proprietary Data
Government Furnished Information
Social Media

Structured knowledge base
csc database

Knowledge Extractions

Machine & expert analysis

Insight | Prediction

Decision support system
Strategic Planning

Decision Support
Measures of Effectiveness


csc analytical tools

CSC uses proprietary analytical tools to chart the information landscape in which problems unfold, and to illuminate the dynamical networks of actors who both drive and respond to evolving needs. Approaches from many areas of higher mathematics -- including statistics, Bayesian analysis, spectral graph theory, dimension reduction, and game theory -- mold large volumes of data for visualization. Data are drawn from multiple languages and parsed in the original language, allowing breadth of perspective without falling prey to the distortions of machine translation.

Computational & visual indicators

Computational and visual indicators distilled from exponential random graphs

Models of network dynamics

Advanced statistical modeling of network dynamics

Measurement & assessment

Qualitative assessments of strategic moves

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